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Hellfield Devil Asura

aka Ares

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  • I live in Hellfield
  • My occupation is Dark Summoner.
  • I am Male.

In-Game-Name: Ares

Guild: Sin

I.D: 1954192828

I´ve been playing Dark Summoner for a relatively short time; I´m lvl. 44. I like the game, it´s very good, and as my name suggests, my favourite monster is the "Hellfield Devil Asura". It looks cool, it´s one of the strongest monsters out there, and it´s highly wanted. I have one, which is maxed out and +, and I´ve been getting about 5 offers a day for it, most of which I just ignore. Im short on EP right now (45 :-/) My in-game name and info is listed above. I know a lot of people in the game. Who knows, I may have you as an ally :) Please leave a message on my talk page if you want to contact me.

Below is my current team:

Monsters: (FORMATION)

-Hellfield Devil Asura+. LVL 70 (MAX)

-Sear Djinn+. LVL 70 (MAX)

-Kali of Massacre+. LVL 70 (MAX)

-Beezelbub+. LVL 70 (MAX)

-Child of Pit+. LVL 70 (MAX)


-Impulse (+10% ATK, +10% DEF)

-Level (+5% ATK)

-Demon (+15% ATK, +15% DEF)

-Rarity (+10% ATK, 10% DEF)

Looking for Vlad the Exicutioner. and skills with ATK increase. For trade: Formation, Flame Tarasque+, Flame Tarasque, Creep Lord+ (MAX), Firebrand Demon+ (LVL 62), Naga+, Hell Scythe Mantis, Slaughter Bee Queen, Pure Dark Emboidement, Glamorous Alaraune, Moonlight Selene+, Lord of Faith+ (MAX), Achlis, Druantia the Eternal, Black wings of Despair, Jade Rhinocerous Beetle+ (MAX), Nether World Dragon+ (MAX) and many more.

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