Spirit Skill Increase
Blood Red Spirit Hell's Blaze
Pure White Spirit Arctic Tempest
Satiate Spirit Critical Rate Up
Life Spirit Heal
Upper Attack Spirit Increase Party Attack
Lower Attack Spirit Decrease Enemy Attack
Upper Defense Spirit Increase Party Defense
Lower Defense Spirit Decrease Enemy Defense
Thunder Spirit Celestial Lightning
Sleep Spirit Slumbering Breath
Random Skill Spirit Random skill given to a monster
Soul of Skills Boosts any skill by 1 (2 for plussed)
Soul of Wisdom Give a boost of EXP when sacrificing.
Soul of Enlightenment Give a boost of EXP when sacrificing.
Evolution Soul Evolve an A rank monster into A+
Great Evolution Soul Evolve an AA rank monster into AA+
Epic Evolution Soul Evolve an AAA rank monster into AAA+
Soul of Philosophy Give a large boost of EXP when sacrificing.

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