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There are four classes of monster in Dark Summoner that correspond to the three Guilds: Impulse (Sin Guild), Covert (Rancor Guild) and Psycho (Tyranny Guild) and a separate class with no Guild, Cypher. They are arranged into the 16 tiers C, C+, B, B+, A, A+, Ex, AA, AA+, AAA, AAA+, S, S+ and G (God) with C being the most common and G the rarest. Each Rank, with the exception of Ex & G, has a base level form and an evolved form indicated by a plus (+) sign. Rank Ex monsters evolve differently and have four unique evolution stages with an option to select from five different skills when reaching the fourth stage, while G doesn't have any evolution since it's the highest evolution of some S+. Also see Leveling cost, Evolution.

Currently there are over 2500 monsters to be found. Over 800 monsters in each of the main guilds, and over 50 that are cypher.

S, S+ and G monsters are being added; however, we may only add those we have. Please take a moment to contribute those you have, so that we may grow this database.

The Ex Cypher entries were poorly added and are unsalvagable. They will have to be redone.

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