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Achievements can be found under the Collections tab, these will boost your energy and BP recovery time, as well as award extra gold or xp.

Type Rank Name Reward Conditions Monsters
Collector 11 Perfect Collector Energy recovery time shortened by 33 seconds More than 450 monsters found 450
Impulse Hunter 11 Impulse Perfect Hunter Increases all party attributes by 5.5% More than 140 Impulse type monsters found 140
Covert  Hunter 11 Covert Perfect Hunter Increases all party attributes by 5.5% More than 140 Covert type monsters found 140
Psycho Hunter 11 Psycho Perfect Hunter Increases all party attributes by 5.5% More than 140 Psycho type monsters found 140
C, C+ Collector 11 C, C+ Perfect Collector Gain 300 gold per hour More than 150 monsters of C,C+ rank found 150
B, B+ Collector 11 B, B+ Perfect Collector Gain 21 Exp. per hour More than 140 monsters of B,B+ rank found 140

A, A+ Collector

11 A, A+ Perfect Collector BP recovery shortened by 20 seconds More than 130 monsters of A,A+ rank found 130
AA, AA+ Collector 11

AA, AA+ Perfect Collector

Increase monster Exp. by 26 when Sacrificing More than 80 monsters of AA,AA+ rank found 80

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